Susan Boyle … A week ago, completely unknown. Today, she is the subject of one of the most viral videos. And, if you have not yet seen this video, or heard about Susan — here is your chance!

To the right you see Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent. This 48-year-old “never-been-kissed” lady from a Scottish village has a dream of becoming a professional singer. (Yeah, have we not heard that one before?)

In order to woo the judges, she has decided to perform I Dreamed A Dream from Les Misérables. (Oh boy!)

The video says it all! Listen to the laughs, and look at the faces of the audience before she starts singing … You must watch the whole thing!

Link to video on YouTube External Link (embedding disabled)

Spoiler alert (highlight to read): Was that not one of the most amazing performances you have ever seen on a “Got Talent” show? Absolutely stunning! I must admit that I, too, did not have much faith in Susan at first. But, oh how wrong I was! My apologies to Susan for counting her out like so many in the audience. End of spoiler.

What do you think about Susan? Awesome? So-so? Could she become the next “Paul Potts“?

“That’s just one side of me.”
Susan Boyle