As a follow-up on yesterday’s post about supercars, let me issue a slight warning to anyone tempted to take a supercar for a joy ride … especially in Finland!

In my blog entry yesterday, I mentioned how the biggest speeding ticket ever issued came after staggering 242mph drive in a 75mph zone.

Surprisingly enough, the biggest fine ever issued is the result of a much lesser offense. Jussi Salonoja, of Finland, was driving 50mph down a 25mph street. While this seems like a minor offense compared to the Koenigsegg driver caught in Texas (however you actually manage to stop someone going 242mph …), the fine is no less impressive.

Finland has a policy of making the fine proportionate to your income. Unfortunately for Jussi, the 27-year-old heir to a blooming family sausage empire, he is one of the richest people in Finland (or at least was, until he received the ticket).

Based on the previous year’s income, Jussi was handed a mindblowing €170,000 speeding ticket. That, my furry friends, is the equivalent of $227,698. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Well, at least Finnish people cannot complain about celebrities and company executives getting off any easier than the rest, or being able to pay their way out of a traffic offense. I bet that fine put a dent in our boy-millionaire’s pocket book, enough to make him think twice about (being caught) speeding again.

Fair? I guess … from the perpective of the less fortunate. From Jussi’s perspective? Hardly.

“Justice may be blind, but she has very sophisticated listening devices.”
Edgar Argo