Our society is one of knowledge. There is a slew of information everywhere … about everything. There are near-real-time news feeds, search engines up the wazoo, online dictionaries and encyclopedias … anything you could possibly think of. We thrive on knowledge. Many live and die for it.

The flip side?

There are things you wish you never knew about …

Just over a year ago (December, 2007) a TV documentary revealed how (at least) four stores in the Swedish ICA supermarket chain habitually repackaged, relabeled, and — just plain gross stuff — meat products. (External Link) A few examples:

  • relabeling of out-of-date ground beef, putting it back on the shelf with a new “best before” date
  • use of past-expiration meat to create “new” ground beef for selling
  • picking up out-of-date pork chops off the floor, repackaging and relabeling for sale

Luckily, it has been many years since I last shopped at an ICA store. Still, it makes you wonder …

“Hans Hallén, a former quality control manager for ICA, revealed that the company knew that meat was being illegally repackaged as early as 2003. Hallén, who monitored ICA stores in southern Sweden from 2003-2005, said he had informed the company’s managers of the exact practices that were exposed in the documentary program. According to Hallén, many stores engaged in practices such as repackaging meat in order to change the best before date, saying that ‘they even re-minced meat that had already been out on the shelves, before repackaging it and putting it back out on the shelves’. Sausage meats that had become old and sticky were also repackaged after rinsing, he said.”


Have you ever found out something particularly disgusting that you afterwards wish you never knew about?

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
Orson Welles (1915–1985)