A couple days ago I wrote on the topic of the choices we make in our pursuit of happiness. Today, as I was browsing the topics on CNN.com, I came across a commentary by Ruben Navarette Jr. entitled Immigrants didn’t cause your problems.

What a wonderful read! As I have said before, it is all too easy for people to blame others rather than taking responsibility for your own choices. As Navarette so brilliantly put it:

“It’s a sad state of affairs when people who were born in this, the freest and most prosperous country on Earth — instantly becoming U.S. citizens, no less — with a free education and every other opportunity to improve their lives find themselves afraid to compete with a group of people who don’t have legal status, often can’t speak English, and usually have no more than a 6th-grade education.¹

“My fellow Americans, stop your trembling. Show some dignity. If you don’t like competing with illegal immigrants, try making better choices. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Turn off those TV shows that constantly bash globalization and immigration.

Go back to school. Get more training. Move out of the comfort zone of your hometown to take a job in another state, if necessary. Take responsibility for your own life. And stop thinking the world owes you a living. (emphasis mine)

And just like that, he nailed the problem perfectly. Do not blame others for a situation you are in. If you do not like where you are at in your life, do something about it! Take responsibility for your own life!

Well said, Navarette!

What are your thoughts on the immigration issue? What can we do to fix the problem with illegal immigration, once and for all? What should we do with those who are already here illegally?

¹ On a very minor note, I disagree with the statement claiming that the USA is the “freest” country in the world, as there are arguably other countries that are just as free (most Western European countries, for example). Also, education is not necessarily completely free to everyone in the USA, whereas it is completely free in many other countries. Nevertheless — America is a free country where education is available to everyone who wants it.

“Only the educated are free.”
Epictetus (55–135 AD)